Memphis Grizzlies franchise point guard Ja Morant has been the subject of plenty of controversy over the past few months, hitting a low point when he received an eight-game suspension after he brandished a gun in an adult club for the entire world to see on his Instagram Live. Since then, the Grizzlies star appeared to be on the track to turning over a new leaf after he stepped away from the team and sought professional help.

But that honeymoon period may be over, as new details have come to light about Morant's misdeeds off the hardwood.

According to a recent report made by Molly Hensley-Clancy and Gus Garcia-Roberts of The Washington Post (subscription required), Givon Busby, a salesman at Finish Line shoe store, said that Ja Morant and his group of eight or nine people, threatened him. Busby recounted that he then “spent nearly an hour” hiding in the storeroom as a result of the threats, all the while Morant's group continued to taunt him by saying that they would wait for the 5'3 shoe salesman to come out of hiding.

Busby then revealed that he felt afraid, “shaking with emotion” as the Grizzlies star and his group threatened him.

To make matters worse, when Givon Busby reported the incident to the Memphis police, they did not do anything to hold the Grizzlies star accountable or to even call him in for questioning, failing to list Ja Morant as a suspect and just listing down Morant's mother as “Unknown.”

This reportedly happened on the same day the Grizzlies floor general got into it with a mall security guard as they hung around the parking lot. This was when Morant reportedly asked the security guard what time he got off of work, implying some sort of physical threat towards the mall employee.

While the silver lining with all of this is that the incident is not new, these new details show that Morant's behavior, indeed, was truly concerning, especially when taking into account everything else he has been accused of since. Hopefully, the time off that he took helps leave these past behaviors behind, especially with the postseason beckoning for the ambitious Grizzlies.