Ja Morant has reportedly left the counseling program he entered in Florida and has since met with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, after which he was handed an eight-game suspension for his IG Live gun incident. Sure enough, fans are rather shocked with the quick turn of events, with many saying that the punishment for the Memphis Grizzlies star should have been harsher.

It was reported Monday that Morant entered a counseling program in Florida, and a couple of days later, he's done. It didn't sit quite well with plenty of NBA fans who started mocking the Grizzlies youngster and the program he went through.

“Must have been a great two days lol,” a critic wrote. Another one said, “Wait? Lil Suge Knight left counseling already? Haha yeah this kid isn’t going to change. He’s either going to get himself shot from fucking with the wrong person or worse, get someone else killed from his actions that he can’t back up.”

A third Twitter user added, “Ja Morant was in the strip club longer than rehab. Legend.”

It should be noted, however, that Morant actually entered the counseling program earlier than Monday. It was merely reported on that day, per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. Apparently right after announcing that he would step away last March 4, Morant went through counseling.

As mentioned aside from his counseling, Morant's suspension from the NBA drew criticisms. While some came to defend the 23-year-old, many couldn't help but point out that the punishment was a bit soft.

“Should be 50+ for what they did to Gilbert Arenas smh,” a commenter shared, while another critic wanted something worse, “Should be suspended the rest of the season…”

Others call it “weak” while some said Morant is “lucky” for getting only that. Another one said it is merely a “slap on the wrist.”

It remains to be seen when the Grizzlies will actually play Morant, but sure enough, the young gun cannot expect a warm reception when he suits up once again.