Another day, another controversy for Ja Morant. The Memphis Grizzlies star has been in hot water over the last few months for his questionable decisions off the court (most of which involve a gun or are related to guns). Recently, Morant got in trouble after allegations of him punching a minor and threatening a mall employee surfaced.

You'd think that with all of the gun-related trouble he's been in that Ja Morant would stay clear of any firearms, at least publicly. For some reason, though, the Grizzlies star thought it would be a good idea to flash a pistol while filming an IG Live in a strip club. Because it's the internet, word got around quickly, and video of the incident was taken by some quick fans.

Yikes. That's not a good look on Ja Morant, who got in trouble before for pointing a laser at another guy after a disagreement with him. NBA fans were quick to react to this news. Spoiler alert: Most of them are roasting the Grizzlies star.

Some fans also pointed out the problems that the Grizzlies and Morant's PR team are dealing with now. It's already bad enough that the player is dealing with gun-related charges (against a minor, too): now, he's actively showing off said gun in a public place. That's never a good look for anyone.

We'll see how the Grizzlies respond to these new allegations around their star point guard. Morant is an incredible player who is only going to get better. However, these off-court issues (most of which are frankly avoidable for him) are becoming more and more common.