Memphis Grizzlies star Jaren Jackson Jr just dropped a massive bombshell that is sure to excite gamers everywhere. For anyone who says that playing games on your console won't amount to anything, then you better hear what JJJ has to say about how his NBA 2K game helped him become the elite shot-blocker that he is today.

Jackson led the entire NBA in blocked shots this season with 3.0 per game. This is the second straight year JJJ has led the league in this particular category after averaging 2.3 swats per contest last season. His unbridled rim-protecting prowess undoubtedly played a key role in him winning this season's coveted Defensive Player of the Year title, making him arguably the best defensive threat on the planet right now.

On a recent appearance on Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George's podcast, Podcast P with Paul George presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment, the Grizzlies big man revealed how playing NBA 2K helped develop his blocking skills. Apparently, the game deserves a lot of credit for Jackson's rise to glory:

“I feel like I get my timing from 2K and I'm being serious,” Jackson said. “… It's a lot of instincts. You can't be afraid. I've had my string of foul trouble, just going for everything. I think when I was first in the league, I was swiping a lot more, not picking my spots as well. … They get by you in 2K. You figure out the timing when you block shots.”

For those that are into NBA 2K, let this serve as your calling. If Jaren Jackson Jr. can do it, then perhaps you can make it in the NBA as well. Admittedly, the argument is a bit faulty, but this message from the Grizzlies star is always a good excuse to keep pounding on that controller.