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Marc Gasol says relationship with city of Memphis won’t change, amid trade rumors

Marc Gasol

In the midst of trade rumors surrounding Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol and point guard Mike Conley Jr., the former noted the if he was to be moved this season, it wouldn’t change his longstanding relationship with the city.

“That doesn’t change, does it? It’s not gonna change to me,” said Gasol on Wednesday morning after shootaround. “My relationship with the Grizzlies might change, but my relationship with Memphis won’t.

What I feel inside and how I feel about Memphis and its people has nothing to do with the franchise or a temporary thing. There’s nothing changed.”

The Grizzlies are at a point where they are forced to evaluate the state of the franchise and must make decisions by moving two of their oldest players in Gasol and Conley, two players that had been penned to be the pillars of this team.

A recent slew of losses has put the organization in this position, hoping to make the most of their opportunities and strike with the iron is hot, considering a few teams could use a starter-caliber point guard and a legitimate 7-footer.

Marc Gasol was virtually raised in Memphis, moving to Tennessee at a young age once his older brother Pau was drafted by the Grizzlies and played the first part of his career there before being traded for his very own brother to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Marc played high school basketball in Memphis before going to his home country of Spain to play professionally after graduating. He has now played 10-plus seasons with the Grizzlies, with Memphis and its people engrained into his life, no matter where fate sends him by the time the trade deadline hits.