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Grizzlies will try to re-sign Tyreke Evans for mid-level exception

Grizzlies news: Memphis will try to re-sign Tyreke Evans for mid-level exception

The Memphis Grizzlies will take their best shot at re-signing forward Tyreke Evans this offseason, likely to offer him the mid-level exception, which should pay him north of $8.5 million, according to Chris Herrington of The Commercial Appeal. Evans was one of the most coveted players in the trade market.

But after teams failed to offer a first-round selection in return for his services, the Grizzlies stayed put and kept him through the deadline.

“This clear intent to try to bring Evans back means that the Grizzlies think Evans would return to Memphis for the mid-level exception (north of $8.5 million), the maximum the team can offer,” wrote Herrington. “That would mean Evans not only choosing Memphis over other comparable offers, but, presumably, not getting offers this summer for more (or at least not substantially more).”

The 28-year-old was inserted back into the starting rotation after missing five straight games due to being held out for any potential trade opportunity coming the team’s way. But now he is back in the lineup and Memphis is focused on his future with the team.

Evans has had a history of being injury-prone through his career, but he’s sported a relatively clean bill of health this season, turning out his best season since his rookie year with the Sacramento Kings, posting 19.5 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 5.0 assists per game through 28 starts in 48 games played.

Tyreke Evans

In an underwhelming season, Evans has been perhaps the lone shining point of a disappointing 2017-18 campaign that has seen a head coach fired in David Fizdale, a floor general plagued by injuries in Mike Conley, and a struggling cornerstone player in center Marc Gasol.

Evans garnered plenty of interest during the trade deadline, but it will now be up to Memphis to decide how much he’s worth to them.