Grizzlies News: Memphis wants to win in order to give Boston lowest possiblee pick
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Grizzlies want to win in order to give Boston lowest possiblee pick

Marc Gasol, Kyrie Irving

The Memphis Grizzlies have been struggling as of late. They have lost eight of their last 10 games and are currently on a three-game losing streak. The Grizzlies would like to turn things around as quickly as possible. They still have a shot to make the playoffs in the tough Western Conference. Aside from that, they do not want another team to benefit at their expense. That team could potentially be the Boston Celtics.

Boston will have the rights to Memphis’ 2019 pick, but only if it falls under the top 8. However, given the Grizzlies’ current slump, the Celtics could still land a top-15 pick next year.

According to Zach Lowe of  ESPN, the Grizzlies will look through possible trades to improve their roster.

Was talking to a couple of GMs today that both said the next 2-3 weeks would prove unusually important in determining which teams in the middle become buyers/sellers. Memphis getting ahead of it given current slump.

Memphis was always going to be a buyer considering they owe Boston a top-8 protected first-round pick that otherwise rolls over. They want to get that obligation over with this season, and obviously pass along as low a pick as possible.

In fact, the Grizzlies have already made one move earlier today, as per Adrian Wojnarowski.

Memphis is trading Marshon Brooks and Wayne Selden and two second-round picks to Chicago for Justin Holiday, league sources tell ESPN.

In 38 games for Chicago, Holiday has averaged 11.6 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 2.2 assists.

The Grizzlies will be sending their 2019 and 2020 second rounders to the Bulls as part of the deal.

Memphis is still expected to make some moves before the trade deadline, but whether or not it will be good enough to make the playoffs, or just good enough to give Boston the lowest draft pick possible next year, remains to be seen.