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Andre Iguodala unlikely to stick with Grizzlies as veteran mentor

Grizzlies, Andre Iguodala

Shortly after the Golden State Warriors have traded Andre Iguodala to the Memphis Grizzlies, there were reports that he will be bought out by the team, allowing him to become a free agent.

It has been four weeks since, and nothing has happened.

There are rumors circulating around the league that the Grizzlies aren’t willing to just let Iggy go for nothing. They are looking to trade him to any team that will be able to give them some assets in return. But even that has not gained any significant traction.

Still, The Athletic’s Peter Edmiston believes that Iguodala won’t stay with the Grizzlies for long, saying that him serving as a veteran mentor to the team’s young core is not ideal for both sides.

“…the Grizzlies should not and will not be keeping Iguodala’s contract on the books any longer than they need to. He isn’t going to serve as a veteran mentor on the team; doing so not only wouldn’t be fair to Iguodala, it wouldn’t be a good use of the Grizzlies’ precious roster spots.”

“The Grizzlies are in the early stages of a long-term rebuild. Iguodala, replete with championships and nearing the end of his career, is not a player who fits a team like that. “

If Iguodala is traded or bought out, it is extremely likely that he’ll join a championship-contending team. It is unclear what Memphis’ actual plans for him are, but whatever their front office’s decision is, they will put the franchise welfare first, before thinking of anything else.