Cleveland Guardians manager Terry Francona received a shocking going away present on Wednesday.

Francona discovered his beloved scooter, which he fondly calls “The Hog,” was stolen. When the scooter resurfaced, the perpetrator had already beaten it so badly it was virtually unrecognizable. Worse, the suspect defecated on Terry Francona's scooter, per the Akron Beacon Journal's Ryan Lewis.

“There aren't many parts left,” Francona said.

He draped a blanket over the scooter, which he described as “officially decommissioned.” Terry Francona made the gruesome discovery several hours before the Guardians' final home game of the season against the Cincinnati Reds.

It was the second time a suspect stole Terry Francona's scooter. The first incident occurred in his Cleveland-area house. The suspect eventually returned the scooter in good condition.

With Terry Francona's beloved “The Hog” out of commission, he's been using a different scooter to go around town. Unfortunately, he recently had an accident riding his new scooter.

“I'm going down East 4th and there were a couple men coming my way, and I'm just trying to be polite…so I veered over and it's cobblestone. I went over the handlebars, I mean over, it's amazing how much you can see your life in that moment. And I hit hard, man, and my flip-flops, one's over there and naturally the guy's running up to me,” Francona said.

Terry Francona recently dropped a hit he's retiring as Guardians manager. Francona has had numerous health issues in recent years so the news isn't shocking at all.

It's just strange a Guardians fan would send Francona off by stealing something that's precious to him. This man led Cleveland to six postseason appearances in his 11 years as Guardians manager.