Hades stood at the top of 2020's list of games after it officially launched. The roguelike action-RPG earned top marks from reviewers and critics in the months following its release. Subsequently, Hades stood alongside the biggest games of the years in contention for the top award in The Game Awards 2020. Sadly, Hades lost out to The Last of Us 2 but its mark on the industry can never be ignored. Following its swift momentum, Hades could be coming to Xbox platforms this year.

The only way is up

Microsoft made no official announcement regarding the incoming games to the Xbox Game Pass but it's not an unlikely assumption to make. Hades dominated the game market in 2020 and that's just not something any self-respecting game platform can ignore. Considering Xbox Game Pass's convenient and attractive library of games for a cheap price, the addition of Hades will surely tilt the scales more in Xbox's favor.

Further rumors gathered steam as they were circulated around the internet. Fans expect the return of some removed Xbox Pass Games sometime this year. There are big hitters on the rumored list of games but Microsoft has remained silent on the issue.

The Xbox library stands to gain more outstanding games in the future especially considering Bethesda's recent announcement of a new Indiana Jones game. Information could potentially be shared by either Microsoft or Hades developer Supergiant Games once their deal is finalized. It's clear that Xbox is making waves in the current generation of console wars. Currently, Hades is available on PC and Nintendo Switch.