Halo Infinite will finally be getting its long-awaited Forge mode, but not the promised split screen co-op. Read on to know more about the details.

Halo Infinite Forge Mode

A staple in previous Halo entries, Forge mode allows players to create their own maps, game modes, or a combination of both. The mode provides players with everything they would need to create the perfect game. This includes tools that can place buildings, enemies, traps, and more.  In Halo: Reach, for example, the creativity of the players gave birth to maps such as those featured in this Achievement Hunter series. In fact, someone was able to recreate PT in Halo Infinite's unreleased Forge. The creations that players make in Forge mode can then be shared with people all around the globe so that everyone can experience them. This allows the players a change of pace, either by playing others' creations or by creating themselves. After all, playing the same maps over and over again can get tiring.

Halo Infinite Split Screen Co-op

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Along with the release of Forge mode is the ability to play campaign missions in a co-op environment. This is yet another feature that has been a staple in Halo games. Quite a number of players have fun playing the campaign missions with their friends, after all. That's why a lot of players were looking forward to when split-screen co-op would be introduced to Halo Infinite. Unfortunately, though, the implementation of split-screen co-op play is no longer going to happen.

In their Dev Update for September 2022, creative lead Joseph Staten mentioned that they would not include split-screen co-op in the game. He said that the resources allocated to developing split-screen co-op would be reallocated to other parts of the development. Understandably this has disappointed various fans of the series, most of which were looking forward to the feature. What's worse is that during the DICE summit back in 2017, 343 Industries Head Bonnie Ross promised that every Halo game after Guardians will have the feature. Thanks to the decision to remove said feature in Halo Infinite, it would almost seem like they have forgotten that promise. Only time will tell if they decide to rescind this decision and include split-screen again.

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Halo Infinite is available on Steam and the Xbox Game Pass. The multiplayer component of the game is free to play, while the campaign must be bought.

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