The Havoc Rover is an alternate version of the ROver that players will have access to after finishing the Wuthering Waves 1.0 story. In this guide, we will teach players how to build their Havoc Rover, including the best weapons and Echoes to equip.

Havoc Rover Build Guide

Do note that this guide is for the currently available Weapons and Echoes in the game. Should new weapons or Echoes get introduced that are better, we will be sure to update this guide.

Havoc Rover Kit Overview

We already have a guide detailing Havoc Rover's kit. However, let's go through it quickly for the sake of this guide.

The Havoc Rover is an SSR (5-star) Havoc Sword character, whose role in a team is the Main DPS. Their Kit revolves around dealing a lot of Havoc damage to charge up their Umbra, before activating Dark Surge to deal even more damage.

The Havoc Rover's Basic Attack, Heavy Attack, Mid-Air Attack, and Dodge Counter all deal Havoc Damage to enemies they hit. These actions, including the Skill and Intro Skill, all charge up the Rover's Umbra. Once the Rover's Umbra bar is full, they can do a Heavy Attack to activate Dark Surge, empowering all of their moves.

Their Resonance Skill, Wingblade, deals Havoc Damage to the target enemy. When under the effect of Dark Surge, Rover instead uses Lifetaker, dealing even more Havoc Damage.

Their Resonance Liberation, Deadening Abyss, deals a large amount of Havoc DMG to enemies near the Rover, while also charging up Umbra.

Havoc Rover Skill Leveling Priority

First level Havoc Rover's Forte Circuit, as that increases the damage that the player does while under the effects of Dark Surge. Follow this up with the Basic Attack, as you will be attacking a lot to charge up Umbra. Next is the Resonance Skill and Duration, which increases the damage they deal. Finally, level the Intro Skill.

Make sure to also level the Inherent Skills when they become available, as well as the other nodes in the Skill Tree.

Havoc Rover Best Weapons Guide

All values are at Rank 5

Emerald of Genesis: Increases Energy Regen by 25.6%. When Resonance Skill is released, increases ATK by 12%, stacking up to 2 time(s). This effect lasts for 10s.

This is currently the best weapon for Havoc Rover, thanks to its high ATK value, as well as up to 24.3% Crit Rate at Level 90. The Energy Regen helps regenerate energy faster, allowing the Havoc Rover to use their Liberation more often.

The only downside is that Havoc Rover's Resonance Skill has a 12 second cooldown, making it impossible to get two stacks of the ATK bonus.

Commando of Conviction: When Intro Skill is released, increases ATK by 30%, lasting for 15s.

This is a good alternative weapon for the Havoc Rover that players can get a free copy of from the initial free 4-star weapon box. This does mean though that the player will switch between two characters often to activate the additional ATK from the Intro Skill usage.

Lumingloss: When Resonance Skill is released, increases Basic Attack DMG and Heavy Attack DMG by 64%, stacking up to 1 time(s). This effect lasts for 10s and can be triggered 1 time(s) every 1s.

This is another alternate weapon for Havoc Rover since it gives a Basic and Heavy Attack DMG bonus after using the Resonance Skill. This gives the Rover a burst of damage whenever they use their Resonance Skill, which is how you will mostly use the Rover anyway.

Sword of Night: When Intro Skill is released, increases ATK by 16%, lasting for 10s.

This weapon is a more F2P version of the Commando of Conviction, providing the same type of buff upon using the Havoc Rover's Intro Skill. Of course, as it is a 3-star weapon, its stats are lacking compared to the Commando of Conviction.

Havoc Rover Best Echoes Guide

It's important to remember that the ideal allocation of Echoes is 1 4-Cost Echo, 2 3-Cost Echoes, and 2 1-Cost Echoes.

Sonata Effect: 5-piece Sun-sinking Eclipse

  • Havoc DMG +10%
  • Havoc DMG +7.5% after releasing Basic Attack or Heavy Attack. This effect stacks up to 4 times, each stack lasts 15 s
  • Main Echo: Crownless (Consistent Damage) or Dreamless (Burst Damage)

This is perhaps the most ideal Echoes set for the Havoc Rover, as it provides up to 40% additional Havoc DMG after they reach max stacks of the 5-piece effect.

Using Crownless increases the Rover's Havoc DMG and Resonance Skill DMG by 12% for 15s, allowing the Rover to deal even more damage over that time.

Using Dreamless, on the other hand, is perfect for burst damage as the Echo Skill's DMG increases after the Havoc Rover uses their Resonance Liberation.

Sonata Effect: 2-piece Sun-sinking Eclipse, 2-piece Lingering Tunes

  • Havoc DMG +10%
  • ATK increases by 10%
  • Main Echo: Crownless (Consistent Damage) or Dreamless (Burst Damage)

This is a good alternative Echoes set for the Havoc Rover as it provides a DMG bonus in two ways: Havoc DMG Bonus and ATK increase. This will help consistently improve the Havoc Rover's DMG as the buffs do not require additional activation requirements.

The downside is that you get less of a Havoc DMG bonus, relying solely on the Echo skill of the Crownless to get one. Using Dreamless could help make up for the lack of consistent damage thanks to its Burst Damage, but it is not ideal.

Sonata Effect: 2-piece Sun-sinking Eclipse, 2-piece Moonlit Clouds

  • Havoc DMG +10%
  • Energy Regen increases by 10%
  • Main Echo: Dreamless

This is the last good Echoes build for the Havoc Rover, focusing on making sure that the Rover can use their Resonance Liberation over and over again. This allows the Rover to use the empowered Dreamless Echo Skill more consistently.

The downside of this set is that, out of the three possible builds listed here, this will likely have the lowest amount of DMG based on stats alone. Players will need to get good Tuning rolls to make up for the lack of ATK from the Sonata Effects.

For Echo main stats, get Crit DMG or Crit Rate on the 4-cost Echo, Havoc DMG% on both 3-cost Echoes, and ATK% on both 1-cost Echoes. For substats, get more CRIT Rate and DMG, then Energy Regeneration, and finally ATK% and Resonance Liberation/Skill DMG%.

Havoc Rover Teams Guide

As mentioned above, the Rover primarily serves as a Main-DPS. As such, here are some sample team builds for the Havoc Rover:

Havoc Rover Main DPS – Havoc Rover, Baizhi, Danjin

This team focuses on the Rover being the main source of damage thanks to the Dark Surge-empowered attacks. Players will primarily be on Havoc Rover when playing this team.

Danjin serves as a good Sub-DPS for the Rover, as other than dealing some decent damage herself, her Outro Skill applies Havoc DMG Deepen, increasing the DMG that the Rover deals to enemies.

Baizhi is the team's healer and can provide buffs as well. Alternative, players can also use Verina instead, which gives additional damage and healing when her Resonance Liberation is used.

That's all for our guide on the best build, for the Havoc Rover, including their weapons, Echoes, and possible team compositions. Wuthering Waves is available on Google Play, the Apple App Store, and PC via the Epic Games Store and its official PC client.

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