It's nice to see fans in NBA arenas again. The timing is great also since it's the 2021 NBA Playoffs. The Madison Square Garden was rocking Wednesday night during Game 2 of the series between the Atlanta Hawks and the New York Knicks. Nothing says louder that the fans are indeed back than a player actually getting spat on. Ah, the good old rude fan treatment. The first recorded victim? Hawks guard, Trae Young.

Young seemingly was not aware at the time that he's been targeted by the fan's rude (and disgusting) behavior, but now he probably does. If he hasn't seen or discovered that one out yet on social media, his dad, Ray Young, surely has talked to him about it. The senior Young also reacted to it on Twitter, expressing his strong resentment to the treatment his son received from at least one bold Knicks fan.

At least Young and the Hawks will have a break from dealing with Knicks fans, as the series goes to Atlanta for Game 3 on Friday.

Young scored 30 points in Game 2, but those were not enough to keep New York from scoring a 101-92 win. Derrick Rose stole the show for the Knicks, but the Hawks got part of the job done in Gotham by successfully notching a win in Game 1.