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VIDEO: Bam Adebayo makes Kevin Love think about Ja Morant in massive slam

Heat, Bam Adebayo, Kevin Love

Bam Adebayo threw down an absolute hammer over Kevin Love during Saturday’s bout between the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The dunk was so eye-popping that it probably gave Love a flashback of that Ja Morant slam a couple of years back.

Before anything else, here’s a look at Adebayo punishing the rim (h/t NBA on Twitter):

Love saw the Heat big man coming all the way, and he actually thought about taking an offensive foul for a second. He wisely got out of Adebayo’s way at the last moment, which pretty much saved him from being on the wrong end of another poster jam.

For those who require context, here is the Ja Morant dunk we were referring to earlier:

Morant literally tried to jump over Love in this particular play in what could have been a sequence that ended Kevin’s career. Seeing this still gives us goosebumps. This is definitely one of the best botched dunks in NBA history.

Love hasn’t forgotten about that fateful day and he probably had this in mind when he decided to step out of Adebayo’s way. All we can say is that, Kevin, that was definitely the right thing to do at that point in time, so congratulations to you.