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Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union talk NBA All-Team vote, Klay Thompson

Heat, Dwyane Wade, Warriors, Klay Thompson

When the All-NBA teams were announced earlier this week, some players who did receive votes caused some controversy. One of those, retired Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, received one vote from someone, and in a social media post discussing it, he and his wife Gabrielle Union thanked the person for the vote, but said it should have gone to someone else.

After starting their video off by asking Union if she had voted for him – to which Union jokingly replies that she voted for Klay Thompson – Wade thanked whoever voted for him to honor his final season with the Heat, but also said that the vote should have gone to one of the more deserving players, and that he didn’t need it. Wade also noted that he would have voted for Thompson, if he had a say in things.

Earlier this week when the All-NBA teams were announced, one glaring name left off the list was that of Klay Thompson. Not only did the star two-way guard miss the cut, but he also missed out on a potential extra $30 million because of it thanks to stipulations in his contract.

Thompson’s realization of the incident was captured live during a Warriors practice, where the player looked visibly frustrated that he didn’t make the cut, telling reporters that he didn’t think there were many guards better than him, but that he’d take constantly playing for an NBA championship over being on an All-NBA team.

Regardless of his feelings, it seems as if Wade and Union were also shocked that Thompson missed the cut, and would have liked to see the Splash Brother get the chance at earning some extra money.