Heat news: Dwyane Wade initially didn't like 'Flash' nickname Shaquille O'Neal gave him
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Heat star Dwyane Wade initially didn’t like ‘Flash’ nickname Shaquille O’Neal gave him

Dwyane Wade, Shaquille O'Neal, Heat

In an interview with Kevin Garnett on TNT, Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade says he initially didn’t like the “Flash” nickname Shaquille O’Neal gave him.

Dwyane Wade talked to Kevin Garnett about how the whole vibe in South Beach changed when Shaquille O’Neal arrived to the Heat in 2004, and that he started to like the nickname “Flash” once he realized how fast he really was on the court.

Wade and O’Neal won the 2006 championship over the Dallas Mavericks. Wade was named Finals MVP and his star status in the league was born.

The nickname “Flash” took off from there. During his prime years, Wade was one of the fastest players in the league. Whatever Shaq saw in Wade when they first met was real, because D-Wade has established himself as one of the best players in NBA history.

Anytime Shaq gives you a nickname, you pretty much have to accept it since he’s “The Big Diesel.” A lot of pundits didn’t think Wade and Shaq would be able to co-exist with the Heat since Wade was a young star on the rise, while O’Neal was losing some of that star status after his falling out with Kobe Bryant on the Lakers.

As history proves, those critics were wrong, though.