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Dwyane Wade says he is not friends with Kevin Hart right now

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade has had quite a year for a 36-year-old, but contrary to what one might think, it hasn’t been all downhill at his older age.

A rebuilding project in Chicago led the three-time champion to give one last shot playing alongside his best friend LeBron James with the Cavaliers which also ended by midseason, landing Wade back in South Beach.

If nothing else happened, that adventure ended as a win for both he and his family but left the question of what could be his motivation after finally returning home two years later, and the realistic possibility of retirement in the back of his mind?

Coming off the bench was something he wasn’t completely comfortable with initially in Cleveland, but embraced the role with the Heat, while still showing flashes or more left in the tank.

Once the Heat settled into their playoff position, we didn’t know what to expect from Wade except knowing he makes good decisions with the basketball.

After the Philadelphia 76ers blew out the Heat in Game 1, Philly native and celebrity Kevin Hart brought the trash talk to Game 2, unknowingly writing a death note for his team.

The banter brought out a vintage Wade who hit big shots, hit fadeaways and played an all-around efficient game leading the Heat to a 113-103 victory which garnered praises from Allen Iverson for his performance.

Hart himself conceded defeat later saying ‘it’s not over’ and ‘see you in Miami’ as Wade responded that he’s not welcome in his hometown in an exchange on Twitter.

Prior to tipoff of Thursday night’s Game 3 matchup, reporters asked Wade if he had a change of heart and if he’ll see Hart at the American Airlines Arena.

In typical playoff fashion, Wade gave a savage response to how he feels about the opponent.

Many may doubt Wade’s resolve in his later years of the league, but what he proves time and again is that when the playoffs come, Wade becomes a different beast especially to trash talking sideliners.

If you asked the purple shirt guy if you should trash talk Wade in the playoffs, he would warn Hart to make an about-face.