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Dwyane Wade says he’s still undecided on playing in 2018-19 season with Heat

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade, who is still a free agent, has revealed that he’s still undecided if he’ll play in the upcoming season.

According to Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald, Wade admitted that he has not decided just yet if he’ll hang up his jersey for good or continue playing:

Last season, he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers then was traded back home to Miami where he played 21 games off the bench. Come playoff time, he played in five games.

Over the summer, rumors circulated that a basketball club in China offered him a hefty deal to play overseas. This led to speculation that Wade might be retiring from the NBA, but will continue on playing ball.

Longtime buddy and fellow Heat legend Udonis Haslem — who recently signed with the team for his 16th season — revealed that he would want to finish his career with Wade.

However, as per Greg Cote of the Miami Herald, Wade’s return would depend on the role he’ll be given. In his report, Cote said:

“I am also told by representatives of the club and of the player that Wade being comfortable with his role is critical.”

He added:

“I have not been told Wade would demand to start. But does he see himself good for more than 25 minutes a game? He mentioned recently that he embraces a mentor’s role for the club’s many young guys still developing, “but you also want to play,” he added. A significant addendum, I thought.”