Goran Dragic usually makes smart decisions for the Miami Heat. But on this play, the 34-year-old Slovenian knew his pass to Jimmy Butler was way off the moment it left his hands. Around the nine-minute mark of the second quarter of the Heat's hosting of the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, Dragic was leading a two against one fastbreak and lobbed the ball up to Butler.

At first glance, it looked like Butler caught the pass and finished the oop with an easy lay-in.

Our eyes were definitely deceived, as replays showed that Dragic's “pass” actually went inside the hoop. Here's the clip so you can see it for yourself.

That shouldn't be a big deal since the Heat still added two more points up the board. However, it's pretty clear that Butler touched the rim on the play and the refs should have waived the basket for offensive interference.

Dragic, being the slick veteran that he is, might have sold that one with his nonchalant reaction afterward. He knew that should have been a turnover but acted like he intended for that to happen.

Miami got extremely lucky on that play considering the Lakers were called for goaltending not long before that possession, following a similar play from Andre Drummond.

Dragic may have gotten away with that one, but he probably earned himself an entry for Shaqtin' A Fool.