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Jimmy Butler downplays idea that he’s the best player on Heat

Heat, Jimmy Butler

When the Miami Heat traded for Jimmy Butler this offseason, questions were immediately raised about bringing a star with Butler’s temperament to South Beach.

Butler has a history of clashing with teammates, and pundits were concerned with how his fit would work out for the Heat.

However, Butler has tempered these concerns immediately. Today, when questioned on setting an example as the team’s best player, Butler had an interesting response:

It’s pretty clear that Butler is the best player on the Heat. No one on the roster really comes close to Butler’s talent or personal accolades.

However, it must be good for Heat fans to see Butler willing to put his ego in the back seat. It’s certainly a change from his days in Minnesota and Chicago.

This isn’t even the first time as a member of the Heat that Butler has shown the world that he has changed his colors.

Earlier this week,  he showed up to practice at 3:30 AM, almost seven hours early. The move set the precedent, and now other Heat players are doing the same.

While the season might not have tipped off yet, this is a great sign for those that were worried about Butler taking a starring role.

If he can continue to set an example throughout the season, the Heat could surprise the league. Who knows what this new, example-setting Jimmy Buckets is capable of.