Heat news: Miami gets a scare after Dwyane Wade fell on his hip
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Heat gets a scare after Dwyane Wade fell on his hip

Dwyane Wade, Heat

The Miami Heat and the Milwaukee Bucks engaged in a heated battle on Friday night, with the Heat looking to upset the top-seeded Bucks and further strengthen their grasp on the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. One Miami player doing all he can to send his team back to the postseason is none other than Dwyane Wade, who’s contemplating on retirement after loyally serving the Heat franchise throughout his NBA career.

Unfortunately, the 13-time All-Star suffered a nasty fall during Friday’s game to give Miami fans in attendance and viewers at home quite a scare. Wade drove to the hoop and drew a bit of contact from Milwaukee’s Pat Connaughton before falling awkwardly on his hip.

Multiple sources expressed their concern for Wade on social media:

Fortunately, the bump taken by Wade wasn’t as serious as it appeared on video. ESPN’s Bobby Marks confirmed on Twitter that Wade a return after a brief checkup in the locker room:

Wade finished with 10 points and 21 minutes of action in the loss to the 113-98 blowout loss to the Bucks. With the victory well out of reach, Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra didn’t take any more risks by having Wade try and mount a comeback after the injury.

It’s always inspiring to see Flash still turn on the jets on a nightly basis to the delight of his fans. However, at 37 years old, Wade’s also got to be aware that he can’t be as reckless as he used to be with his driving ability.