Use whatever metaphor or imagery that suits one's tastes, but there's no more question about it: the 2022-23 iteration of the Miami Heat simply refuses to die — like that piece of turd that won't go down the drain, or like the part of the back that itches no matter how hard you try and scratch it. And following the Heat's 111-108 comeback win over the Nuggets, there's simply no better team in NBA history that has perfected the art of the comeback than this pesky squad.

Following their victory that tied up the 2023 NBA Finals, the 2022-23 Heat have now set the record for most wins ever (13) for an eighth-seeded team, beating the record the 1998-99 New York Knicks' record (12), per Basketball Reference via Yahoo! Sports. The Knicks' achievement 24 years ago was impressive, but that was a lockout-shortened season, so that campaign certainly comes with its fair share of asterisks.

The Heat and Knicks' franchises intertwinement is also a neat coincidence; back in 1999, the Knicks vanquished the Heat during the first round en route to a surprise appearance in the NBA Finals, while in 2023, it was the Heat's turn to return the favor, this time in the second round.

This new record for most wins ever in a single postseason run as the eight-seed may not be the 2022-23 Heat's most impressive achievement; their Game 2 win came after they trailed, once again, by double digits. As a result, they have now matched the record for most comeback wins after trailing by 10 or more points in a single postseason run that the championship-winning 2021-22 Golden State Warriors set (seven).

In fact, no lead is quite safe against this immortal Heat squad. Even when teams lead by double-digits in the fourth, they'll rightfully be cowering in fear of a comeback. And in Game 2 of the 2023 NBA Finals, the Heat added yet another feather to their comeback cap.

They have now won four games when trailing by eight or more points at any point in the fourth quarter during the 2023 NBA playoffs, the most in a single playoff run, per ESPN Stats & Info.

We are all witnessing history as the Heat continue to live to fight another day. And who knows, maybe they'll ride this fortitude all the way to the Larry O'Brien Trophy come end of the season.