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Tyler Herro reveals truth behind fan who crashed car in viral video

Heat, Tyler Herro

Tyler Herro went viral once again recently after an overly excited fan crashed her car as she wanted to get close to the Miami Heat guard.

Herro was signing autographs and posing for pictures with a bunch of fans when some girl’s car crashed into a wall. Something tells us that she forgot to put it in park. Luckily, no one was hurt during the incident, with the Heat sophomore just shrugging it off with a smirk.

In a recent interview on Shaquille O’Neal’s podcast, the 21-year-old Herro revealed several details about what happened, including the truly sad ending for the poor fan (via Reddit).

“Honestly, I didn’t even see it. Someone was yelling, ‘Park your car!” It hopped over the curb and ran into the building. Honestly, she just ran back in her car. The thing is, she never got a picture or an autograph, so she pretty much ran out for no reason.”

Well, to be fair, the car was definitely more important than getting a picture or an autograph from the Heat sniper. But when asked if he bought the girl a new car, Herro had a straight-up answer.

“Man, of course not.”

Herro’s popularity skyrocketed after his impressive rookie stint for the Heat, helping the team in an unexpected run all the way to the NBA Finals. But some observers said the former Kentucky standout got caught up in the NBA limelight, which caused him to regress last season.

Tyler Herro has said he wants to redeem himself and help the Heat get back into contention. He has to make sure though that he never forgets to park his car.