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Video: Dwyane Wade details how jersey exchange with Terry Rozier came about

There’s always a good story when Dwyane Wade is in front of a camera.

Wade recently did a jersey exchange with Terry Rozier, and in a newly released video, he explained how that all came about.

Wade, who is currently on a farewell tour, has been exchanging jerseys with a lot of different players. Following the Heat’s win on Thursday night over the Boston Celtics, Wade swapped jerseys with Terry Rozier.

After the game, Rozier said that he wasn’t going to let any other player get Wade’s jersey.

“We became good friends over the last couple of years. He’d text me right before the season starts and wish me good luck before the season, and I told him when this day comes, when we play them today, ‘I need that jersey.’ Wear it, frame it, everything. Just don’t let it go.”

Wade has been doing well in what is turning out to be his final season. He’s been averaging 14.1 points, 3.5 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game in 31 games. Various teams and their players have been pining to get a jersey from Wade, who is in his 16th season.

The Heat and the Celtics, meanwhile, are due to play against one another three more times this season. Two of the games will take place in Boston, but the third — which will take place on April 3rd — will take place in Miami. Wade will be playing his second-to-last regular season game with Miami at that time.