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Video: Heat’s Dwyane Wade spends an eternity signing as many fan items as he can on way out of Staples Center

Dwyane Wade, Heat, Lakers

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade played his final swan song at Staples Center, but it looks like Lakers fans don’t want to let him go.

Following the grueling showdown that saw the Los Angeles Lakers outlast the Miami Heat, 108-105, fans swarmed the Heat superstar on his way out of the arena, asking for his autograph on their own respective D-Wade jerseys and other fan items. It looks like it took him forever to sign as much as he could.

See the the two-minute clip below, care of the Miami Heat official Twitter account:

Legend has it that Dwyane Wade is still there signing jerseys. Kidding aside, fans really love themselves some D-Wade. Fans showered him with multiple ovations and even gave him a tribute video early in the game.

Nonetheless, Wade had the chance to break the hearts of the same people who cheered him on throughout the night, as he missed a late-game triple that could have sent the game into overtime. Luckily for them, Wade’s close buddy LeBron James took it to him on that final play and denied him of any chances to extend what was their final duel.

After the game, it was all love between Wade and James, as they immediately embraced once the final buzzer sounded and shared one more joyous moment on the court together as rivals. The two close friends then exchanged jerseys, a practice that Wade has been doing regularly as he continues on with his “One Last Dance” tour.

Dwyane Wade, with LeBron’s jersey dangling on shoulder, made his way out of the bright lights of Staples for one final time, only to be greeted by fans who admired him throughout his Hall of Fame career.