We've got the Miami Heat Vs. Philadelphia 76ers Results simulated with NBA 2K24 to see who the game's prediction on tonight's matchup. The NBA Play-In Tournament takes place this week, and the winner of this particular game can rest easy knowing they've made the playoffs. The #7 76ers (47-35) suffered a mid-to-late season collapse, but rebounded with a 7-0 run in April. Meanwhile, the #8 Heat (46-36), once again find themselves in the Play In en route to potentially go to the Finals again. Both teams can still make the playoffs if either of them lose tonight, but a victory tonight makes things a lot less complicated.

Heat Vs. 76ers Results – NBA 2K24 Prediction

According to NBA 2K24's Simulation, the Miami Heat will beat the 76ers 132-130 in Overtime. Despite the 76ers gaining an 18 point lead well into the third quarter, the Heat's successful comeback attempt catapulted them into the playoffs. For reference, we use NBA 2K24 on New Gen, run 12-minute quarters, and simulate a Hall-Of-Fame difficulty matchup. Because some injury reports list players as GTD (game time decision), we just use the most updated rosters offered by 2K.

TEAMQuarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4OvertimeFINAL

As we just mentioned, the 76ers had a 74-56 lead with 8:22 remaining in the 3rd quarter. In less than four minutes, the Heat shrinked that lead to just four points. After a couple minutes into the fourth quarter, Miami managed to tie the game. Tyler Herro then helped the team take the lead for the first time since the first quarter with a jumpshot halfway through the fourth quarter.

At this point, the contest became an even affair. Both the 76ers and Heat continued to exchange the lead until the final seconds. Tyrese Maxey's game-tying 3P Jumpshot helped Philadelphia stay alive, and progressed the game to OT. They quickly took a two possession lead in Overtime, but things went south after that. In the final 40 seconds, Miami scored 6 unanswered points, helping them take a 132-127 lead. With six seconds remaining, the result was all too clear that the Heat had defeated the 76ers.

In terms of player performances, Bam Adebayo definitely took the game ball. His 49 points, 15 rebounds, two steals, and four blocks showed that he made an impact in every phase of the game. Furthermore, he converted 23 of 26 field goals, while also converting two 3PT shots. Furthermore, Jimmy Butler recorded a triple double against his former team, earning 22 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists.

On the Sixers' side, Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey led charge, scoring 32 and 30 points, respectively. Additionally, Embiid picked up 18 rebounds, but was inaccurate in both FG (50%) and 3PT (0%) percentages. Furthermore, Maxey turned the ball over twice, while only converting 11 of 25 Field Goals.

Additionally, check out some of the game stats:

54/95 (57%)Field Goals52/99 (53%)
14/32 (44%)3-Pointers19/38 (50%)
10/12 (83%)Free Throws7/7 (100%)
7Offensive Rebounds8
39Defensive Rebounds36
6 (3)Turnovers (Points Off)5 (8)
9Team Fouls11
5Biggest Lead18
24:17Time Of Possession28:42

With the win, the Miami Heat advance to the NBA Playoffs with no worry of playing another Play In matchup. The team hopes once again to appear in the NBA Finals this year, and perhaps take revenge on a certain Denver Nuggets team. With Adebayo, Herro, and Butler, there's definitely enough talent to make something happen. Nevertheless, there's plenty of competition before even thinking about a Finals reapparance.

However, the 76ers must now play another Play In Game. Despite Embiid's return from injury, the team can't just seem to make that push when it matters. The 76ers, in recent years, have been a fantastic regular season team. However, when playoff time comes around, there's alway something or someone holding them back from greatness. At least they'll have one last shot to make the playoffs.

To be fair, we do feel the prediction is pretty accurate for a few reasons. As a 76ers fan, I can personally testify that blowing a double digit lead is not the most unexpected thing. Secondly, with the loser having to play another Play In game, winning now allows your team more rest and a guaranteed spot in the playoffs. Therefore, seeing such a high scoring affair and such intensity felt right.

Overall, that wraps up our Heat Vs. 76ers Results simulated with NBA 2K24. We hope you enjoyed watching, and keep an eye out for more Simulations as we approach the season's end. With the playoffs ahead, we've got plenty of games to sim for your enjoyment. Check out some of the latest NBA 2K content, like locker codes, Season Rewards, and more.

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