With the NFL season now coming to an end, all eyes are now focused on the draft. One of the biggest prospects in this year's class, Alabama quarterback Bryce Young, has gained high praise from one NFL analyst.

During an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show, ESPN analyst Dan Orvlosky was asked to name which quarterback prospect had caught his attention the most. Orlovsky was quick to name Bryce Young.

“I can tell you this right now, I've just started to study him… Bryce Young is so good. I mean he is so good. And I know he's not big, I know he's not. I saw him this weekend. He is not. He is so good man. He's Steph Curry, he's Steph Curry dude.” stated Orvolsky.

After comparing Bryce Young to Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry, he spoke more about that quarterback.

He specifically noted that the size of Young could scare teams away, but that he could be worth the risk. “And I get that it's going to shy teams away, I understand that it's scary. He can flat-out play, he can flat-out play. I feel so good about how good of a player he is. Turn on the Texas game and just watch him play and tell me if anybody else coming up this year can do what he's going.”

Bryce Young is on the smaller size for the modern-day quarterback. While he is listed as six feet tall, many believe that he may be shorter than that.

Much like Steph Curry, Young is undersized in his sport. But up to this point, this has not stopped him from finding success.

If Young is able to dominate in a way similar to that of how Curry has in the NBA, he could be set to take over the NFL. And it appears that Orlovksy believes he can do just that.