The highly-anticipated total conversion mod Fallout 4 London will be coming a little later than advertised.

Back in 2022, a group of modders known as Team FOLON announced the release of a DLC-sized Fallout 4 mod known as Fallout London. The mod will take players into an entirely new setting in the post-apocalyptic version of London.

The modders initially set its launch for a 2023 release, however, they delayed it instead and opted for 2024. While fans of their work are highly anticipating the launch of the mod, it appears they'll need to wait a bit longer.

Team FOLON recently announced that they're once again delaying Fallout London due to Fallout 4's next-gen update pushing back a bit. This is the modders' way of taking precautionary measures to avoid any disastrous events come the launch. The team's Project Lead Dean Carter recently explained why delaying the release is necessary.

Carter explained that the next-gen update will get in the way of the mod's current state. Given that the modders based Fallout London's build around the original Fallout 4, the mod might break without tweaking some of the files. Due to these circumstances, the modders decided to indefinitely delay the mod to make adjustments.

While players can technically play the mod with its current build, it might end up leading to a frustrating experience. One major obstacle getting in the way is the game's script extender receiving an update. With Fallout London's script extender built according to the original data, running the mod with the updated version could cause some UI and dialogue errors mid-game.

Despite the delay seeming to be frustrating for some, this will only end up benefitting the mod. Fallout 4's next-gen update should enhance a player's gaming experience. That means there'll be enhanced graphics and added features in the game. Given these factors, Fallout London will greatly benefit from the graphical enhancement the update has to offer.

Looking at the images from Team FOLON's website, their upcoming mod looks stunning. It'll look even better with the graphical upgrades. Players will be able to enjoy London's scenery with higher resolution and better frame rates.

What is Fallout 4's London Mod?

Fallout London Release Announcement

Fallout 4's upcoming London mod known as Fallout London is a mod that somewhat gives players a new game to play. While the original game takes place in the USA, this mod will bring players to the streets of London. We've seen many mods in the past that give additional activities for players. However, the London mode is a different beast. According to their website, the mod's map will be as big as the Commonwealth and Far Harbour combined.

Given the vastness of the London mod, we can say that Team FOLON is giving us a new game through Fallout 4. Despite the mod taking place in the game's universe, any callbacks to their USA counterpart will be nonexistent. That means factions and events in the Commonwealth have no bearing in London. The modders are focused on introducing a new story with new characters to interact with.

One thing to keep in mind is that Fallout London won't have a voiced protagonist. Fallout 4 is the first game in the franchise to cast voice actors for the main protagonist. However, the modders decided to stick to the franchise's roots. But that doesn't mean choices and dialogues will no longer matter. Everything except the player's voice will remain the same.

Another thing to take note of is that the modders have slightly overhauled the base game's gameplay mechanics. As mentioned on their website, the team plans on creating an entirely new game. It's recommended that players access the mod with a new save file given how the mod has no bearing on the base game.

Fallout London looks promising and could live up to the standards of Bethesda's franchise, if not better. Hopefully, the mod's launch will go as smoothly as Team FOLON hoped for.