Entering Hogwarts requires you to pick a unique wand for you to use before you can actually cast spells and here are the best wand builds for you to use as a guide in Hogwarts Legacy. There are 3 different cores of each wand namely the Dragon Heartstring, Unicorn Hair, and Phoenix Feather, and each one of them produces a unique one among all students.

During your time in Hogwarts, you will need to pick a unique wand before you do any magic. There are 3 different cores, the Dragon Heartstring, Unicorn Hair, and Phoenix Feather, each one produces a unique wand with different trait. Here are all the traits for each cores.

  • Dragon Heartstring – The Dragon Heartstring has a lot of potential power. However, in the wrong hands, a Dragon Heartstring wand can become unstable.
  • Unicorn Hair – A wand with a Unicorn Hair core is the most consistent of all the wand cores. It isn’t as strong as Dragon Heartstring, but produces more dazzling and more consistent results.
  • Phoenix Feather – Wands with a Phoneix Feather core have the best magical range. Great magical results can happen to wizards and witches with a Phoenix Feather core.

Besides the cores of the wands, there are also characteristics of the wand where you can customize for aesthetics. There is Wand Style, Wood Type, Wand Length, and Wand Flexibility. Here’s a list of all the styles you can use for your wands.

Wand Styles in Hogwarts Legacy

Here are all the style choices you’ll get in the game:

  • Natural
  • Crooked Spiral
  • Ringed
  • Stalk
  • Spiral
  • Soft Spiral
  • Classic
  • Notched

Wood Types in Hogwarts Legacy

After you’ve picked a style, select one of three unique wood styles specific to your selected wand style. Here are all the list of wood styles depending on your wand style:

  • Acacia
  • Alder
  • Apple
  • Ash
  • Aspen
  • Beech
  • Blackthorn
  • Black Walnut
  • Cedar
  • Cherry
  • Chestnut
  • Cypress
  • Dogwood
  • Ebony
  • Elder
  • Elm
  • English Oak
  • Fir
  • Hawthorn
  • Hazel
  • Holly
  • Hornbeam
  • Larch
  • Laurel
  • Maple
  • Pear
  • Pine
  • Poplar
  • Red Oak
  • Redwood
  • Rowan
  • Silver Lime
  • Spruce
  • Sycamore
  • Vine
  • Walnut
  • Willow
  • Yew

Best Wand Length in Hogwarts Legacy

Wands size doesn’t matter. The length of the wand isn’t even really seen in Hogwarts Legacy nor is it relevant in the story, so this one is just for flavor of the game. You can pick a wand length anywhere between 9 and a half to 14 and a half inches.

Best Wand Flexibility in Hogwarts Legacy

The flexibility of your wand is just a customization choice that doesn’t do anything to the aesthetic. Here are all of the flexibility options offered in the game:

  • Quite Bendy
  • Fairly Bendy
  • Very Flexible
  • Quite Flexible
  • Surprisingly Swishy
  • Swishy
  • Slightly Springy
  • Supple
  • Reasonably Supple
  • Pliant
  • Brittle
  • Hard
  • Solid
  • Stiff
  • Rigid
  • Unbending
  • Slightly Yielding
  • Unyielding

After having various options and multiple selections to customize your wand, we have sample wands that are familiar to the franchise where you can copy them if you want to. Here are our best wand builds for each of them in Hogwarts Legacy. Remember that there are no returns in the game’s wand store, so choose wisely on constructing your wand until the end game.

Wand Builds Guide

Here are some customized wand builds that you can try to replicate from the franchise for your Hogwarts Legacy wand. These are the actual traits of the wands of each character but it might not be the full replication like the franchise if you input it in the game:

Harry Potter Wand Build

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  • Wand Style – Classic Grey – Brown
  • Wood Type – Holly
  • Wand Length – 11 Inches
  • Wand Flexibility – Supple
  • Wand Core – Phoenix Feather

Voldemort Wand Build

  • Wand Style – Classic Grey
  • Wood Type – Yew
  • Wand Length – Thirteen and three-quarter inches
  • Wand Flexibility – Supple
  • Wand Core – Phoenix Feather

Ron Weasley 2nd Wand Build

  • Wand Style – Classic Grey
  • Wood Type – Willow
  • Wand Length – Fourteen inches
  • Wand Flexibility – Supple
  • Wand Core – Unicorn Hair

Hermione Granger Wand Build

  • Wand Style – Soft Spiral – Light Brown
  • Wood Type – Vine
  • Wand Length – Ten and three-quarters inches
  • Wand Flexibility – Supple
  • Wand Core – Dragon Heartstring


Here are also additional wand builds from our list that you can also replicate:

Elder Wand Build

  • Wand Style – Ringed – Dark Brown
  • Wood Type – Elder
  • Wand Length – Fourteen and a half inches
  • Wand Flexibility – Unyielding
  • Wand Core – Any

Bellatrix Lestrange Wand Build

  • Wand Style – Crooked Spiral – Dark Grey
  • Wood Type – Walnut
  • Wand Length – Twelve and three-quarters inches
  • Wand Flexibility – Unyielding
  • Wand Core – Dragon Heartstring

Cedric Diggory Wand Build

  • Wand Style – Classic Grey
  • Wood Type – Ash
  • Wand Length – Twelve and one-quarters inches
  • Wand Flexibility – Slightly Springy
  • Wand Core – Unicorn Hair

Minerva McGonagall Wand Build

  • Wand Style – Classic Grey
  • Wood Type – Fir
  • Wand Length – Nine and a half inches
  • Wand Flexibility – Supple
  • Wand Core – Dragon Heartstring

There are no differences in terms of performance in Hogwarts Legacy when selecting each wand core or upon customizing your wand. This means that you can choose any of the three cores and freely customize your wand however you like. These are samples of any wand builds you can use to replicate some of the famous wands in the franchise. You can also create your own specific wand the way you want it to look like to feel that you really have a unique wand for yourself as you go to your magical journey.

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