Strategy and tactics games tend to draw out – and Marvel's Midnight Suns are no different. We're expecting tons of hours will be poured into this game, so people who want to invest their time and money into video games will likely ask how long it takes to beat Marvel's Midnight Suns. Here's just long it'll take you to beat the game and complete it, defeating Lilith's forces and winning the hearts of all Marvel heroes fighting alongside you.

Marvel's Midnight Suns will run between 40-90 hours. On average, it'll take players about 60 hours to complete the story, with players extending their playthrough by about half of that length more for a completionist playthrough.

Most of Midnight Suns' game length is padded by lengthy, dragging dating sim-like sequences where the player character Hunter tries to befriend the different Marvel superheroes in the game. The fun part – which is the gameplay – takes about half of the experience, but do note that half of your playthrough will literally be all talk.

Midnight Suns' game length is longer compared to other similar tactics/strategy games like the recent Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope which runs for about 40 hours for a completionist run. However, comparing it with the game that it gets compared to the most – XCOM 2 takes about 45 hours to beat for a regular playthrough, while a completionist run would take you about 70 hours. Finally, the game isn't that far from the game length of Fire Emblem: Three Houses that takes about 75 hours to beat – but it pales in comparison to its completionist run of a whopping 200 hours. So, in terms of comparing to its peers within the same genre, Midnight Suns run just at the right game length.

Midnight Suns came out on December 2, 2022, on Xbox Series X, PC, and PS5, and on Xbox One and the PS4 on May 12, 2023. The game's Nintendo Switch version was ultimately canceled.