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Hue Jackson warns Browns before giving them night out

Hue Jackson, Browns

Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson is the gift that keeps giving. Between playing the worst game of hot potato at the QB position to saying some of the weirder things a coach can say, he’s likely coaching for his job at this point.

Anyway, Hue Jackson “let” grown men go out in town on Friday, but provided a warning before “allowing” them to do so.

“We will drive them (and) we will bring them back,” Jackson said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “They will all come back at a prescribed time. Some can come earlier, but they can’t come late. And they will be here in their rooms doing the right things. I have a phone. I get text messages, and I can get calls. Don’t make a mistake.”

Let’s “LOL” at this together. A grown man telling other grown men what they can or can’t do. More over, when they should or shouldn’t be doing it.

In its foundation, I do get it. On the heels of a video of DeShone Kizer being seen at a bar two days before a game, which led to Hue Jackson being all weird about it, the coach is trying to set some ground rules heading into a weekend that features a football game.

At the same time, these are adults. Maybe some don’t act like that all the time, but you can’t police a person during their downtime. It would be like someone’s boss at Burger King following him/her around after hours to make sure s/he isn’t drinking too much before work.