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Co-op Survival game Icarus gets delayed to November

RocketWerkz' Icarus gets delayed

Icarus, the co-op survival game developed by the same designer who did Day Z, pushes back its release to November.

Originally revealed during the PC Game Show 2020, Icarus was supposed to come out this August 11. However, the devs need more time to work on the game before they could feel confident releasing it.

“Sad for needing to delay Icarus,” shares Dean Hall, also the CEO of dev studio RocketWerkz. However, Hall says that it’s better that they’re delaying it. “Big lesson from DayZ: the actual development state sets the timeline.” Good thing that he’s taken a good lesson from DayZ, which spent a lot of time as an Early Access title and was rife with bugs from the onset. Fans would remember that Hall wanted DayZ to launch the same year development for the game started, with a lot of development efforts put towards fixing bugs. Thankfully, DayZ still managed to find tremendous success, in spite of its shaky start. Regardless, it seems like Hall would like Icarus to come out strong from the get-go.

Thankfully, fans who pre-order the game will still get to play Icarus this August. A series of beta weekends will start on August 28-29, followed by September 11-12, September 25-26, October 9-10, October 23-24, and then finally on November 23-24. Every weekend will focus on the testing of particular features, with more and more features being refined as the days go along. Finally, playing during the beta weekends will not count towards play hours when considering refunds. “Anyone who pre-orders Icarus before its launch will gain access to the Beta,” announces RocketWerkz. “Pre-orders can be refunded at any time no matter how long you have played the Beta for.”