Ice Spice, the rising rap star from New York City, has sparked a lot of controversy with her latest music video for “Deli”, a track from her new EP Like…?. The video, which was released on Wednesday, features Ice Spice and several other women twerking in a Harlem bodega, as well as on the streets and rooftops, XXL reports. However, one of the dancers in the video is none other than Aya Tanjali, a 16-year-old TikTok sensation who has over 10 million followers.

Tanjali, who is known for her viral dance videos and comedy skits, can be seen in several scenes of the video, wearing a crop top and shorts, and shaking her booty on a counter and on the floor. Many viewers were shocked and outraged by the sight of a minor participating in such a provocative and sexualized performance, and took to social media to express their disapproval and criticism.

Some Twitter users accused Ice Spice of exploiting Tanjali and exposing her to inappropriate content and influences. One user wrote: “Ice Spice should be ashamed of herself for putting a 16-year-old girl in that position. She’s a child, not a sex object.” Another user commented: “How can Ice Spice justify having a minor twerk in her video? That’s disgusting and irresponsible. She’s setting a bad example for young girls everywhere.”

Others questioned Tanjali’s parents and guardians for allowing her to be involved in the video. One user asked: “Where are Aya Tanjali’s parents? How can they let their daughter do something like that?” Another user said: “Aya Tanjali needs to be protected from predators like Ice Spice. She’s too young to know what she’s doing.”