In a thrilling encounter in California, Inter Miami‘s Lionel Messi found himself in the midst of a heated exchange with LA Galaxy's Edwin Cerrillo, reported by GOAL. Despite a star-studded audience, Messi faced significant challenges throughout the match, only leaving his mark in the 92nd minute with a crucial equalizer in a 1-1 draw against their MLS rivals, who were a player down.

The tension escalated during the fiercely contested game, reaching a boiling point as Messi engaged in a verbal showdown with former USMNT U23 player Cerrillo in the first half. Initially involving Galaxy midfielder Luis Suarez, the exchange quickly drew Messi into the fray, resulting in exchanged words and icy glares.

Reflecting on the encounter, Edwin Cerrillo shared his perspective with TyC Sports, expressing his surprise at Messi directing words his way. He recounted, “First I was surprised that he was talking to me, so I didn't understand the first thing he said to me, nor did it register with me. He was serious and at that moment I knew I needed to stay calm, because it was early in the game. He knows what he's doing and maybe he wanted to get into my head. And like with anyone, I wasn't going to stay silent. And when Suarez and [Sergio] Busquets came to defend him… well, it's nice, but it's part of football and at that moment was when I had to be calm. What was said will remain with me, it is something that I will always have in my mind and I will keep that.”

Lionel Messi, with his dramatic late goal, opened his scoring account for 2024, providing a glimpse of what Inter Miami fans can anticipate as the team strives for success on various fronts. The encounter with LA Galaxy showcased the competitive spirit of both teams and further underlined Messi's determination to make a significant impact, leaving a memorable chapter in the unfolding story of his MLS journey.

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