The aftermath of the PGA Tour's announcement of its merger with LIV Golf has been as expected. The majority of PGA Tour players are angered or upset by the move and the LIV golfers are grinning from ear to ear.

One unexpected reaction comes from PGA lifer and golf legend Jack Nicklaus. The 18-time major winner has long been an advocate for doing what is best for the sport but was publicly against LIV. After conversations with PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan, Nicklaus is confident this is the right move for golf.

“The last three years have been difficult for the game and the players,” Nicklaus said to the Palm Beach Post. “I spoke with PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan this morning. He seemed pleased with the arrangement that will once again bring together the best players in the world. I agree that this is good for the game of golf.”

Monahan and the PGA have received heavy backlash for the merger, mostly from the players who reportedly were not informed by the tour that these negotiations were happening. Having Nicklaus on the side of optimism though has to feel good for Monahan.

While changes to the PGA Tour and the sport in general due to the merger won’t be immediate, the impact of the move is already causing some major drama.

At the end of the day, this move will probably be great for the sport of golf. Jack Nicklaus thinks so and there aren’t many people involved in golf that want what's best for the sport more than him.