The writing is on the wall: September will not end with Jalen Ramsey still donning a Jacksonville Jaguars shirt. However, the trade won't likely happen before tomorrow.

Ian Rapoport confirmed that it's only a matter of time before a trade is finalized. However, the team may be holding out because they have an important game coming up against the Titans.

Their hesitation to let him walk away before the game is a testament to his talent as a corner. They have his position covered with D.J. Hayden and Breon Borders, but his sheer dominance on defense is an asset the Jaguars will use until they trade him away.

Ramsey is more than talented enough to lead any NFL defense that he will join. In the 50 games he has played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, he notched 202 tackles, 9 interceptions, a pick-six, and a forced fumble.

The main reason for the Jaguar's decision to give up on Ramsey is the problematic attitude that makes him a nightmare for coaches to rear. There is a long, well-documented history of Ramsey's antics. He's managed to pull off enough antics for a ten-year NFL career in the span of three years.

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GM Trent Baalke in the middle, Brian Thomas Jr, Ennis Rakestraw Jr, T'Vondre Sweat around him, and Jacksonville Jaguars wallpaper in the background

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There are a couple of destinations where the fifth overall pick of the 2016 Draft can end up on. The Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly weighing their options, thinking if Ramsey is worth the hassle.

If Friday is Ramsey's expiration date in Jacksonville, we can expect something bombastic to happen by then. The trade can go at any direction, and this excites many NFL fans.