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Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette is actually the fastest player in the NFL?

In what is actually stunning data, it looks like Jacksonville Jaguars rookie running back Leonard Fournette is the fastest player in the National Football League.

Relax Tyreek Hill fanatics, there is data to back this up.

There’s also the important caveat of this being a ball carrier who hits a maximum measured miles per hour. Basically, what is the top-end speed for a talent with the football in his hands.

According to the numbers, Leonard Fournette has the two best maximum measured miles per hour, clocking 22.05 MPH in Week 5 and 21.76 in Week 6. For reference point, Martavis Bryant has the third fastest, topping off at 21.72 in Week 13 (Bryant’s is via a kick return).

As for the presumed fastest player in the league in Hill? He’s sixth, with a top speed of 21.64 in Week 7.

All ball carriers — whether it be a rushing attempt, yards after catch from reception, or kickoff/punt return — are eligible to have their data examined by this formula.

It is obviously worth noting the more field a guy has to work with, the more likely he’ll hit higher end speeds. Fournette’s top speed was created by way of a 90-yard touchdown run. You won’t see guys breaking 10 MPH with a three yard gain or anything.