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The reason why Joe Schobert left Browns for Jacksonville Jaguars

Browns, Jaguars, Joe Schobert

The Jacksonville Jaguars were able to make a splash in free agency with the addition of former Cleveland Browns linebacker Joe Schobert. It appears he had a rather particular reason for Cleveland aside from signing a five-year, $53.75 million contract.

According to Hays Carlyon of 1010 XL, he came to Jacksonville with the hope of getting to experience winning for a change:

Although Schobert’s comments may seem humorous considering what has transpired in Jacksonville as of late, it pales in comparison to what he endured in Cleveland.

Schobert was taken by the Browns in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft and quickly etched out an integral role for himself on defense. He made the successful transition to middle linebacker heading into the 2017 campaign and wound up earning Pro Bowl honors. At the same time, he had only experienced one win in his first two seasons.

Cleveland had generated plenty of hype last offseason with their influx of star power and they were seemingly to poised to usher in a new era for the franchise. Unfortunately, the turmoil surrounding the dysfunction of the team resulted in another losing season and forced them to make some more significant changes to the coaching staff.

Schobert may come to find that not much has changed despite the change of scenery. Regardless, he still has good reason to be confident in his ability to help alleviate the significant turnover the Jaguars have experienced in recent years. He is coming off one of his best seasons yet after racking up 133 tackles, 2.0 sacks and four interceptions in 2019.