Expectations are brimming around the Jacksonville Jaguars for the upcoming 2023 NFL season, with most of them resting atop the shoulders of quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Fortunately for Jaguars fans, Lawrence isn't backing down from them, specifically believing the camaraderie within their offense is setting them up for a massive year, reports ProFootballTalk's Myles Simmons.

“Second year in the offense, just that consistency, the communication between myself and coach [Doug] Pederson and [offensive coordinator] Press [Taylor] and the whole offensive staff. I think we have a really clear vision of what we want and what our objectives are. I think we have a better idea, too, of what we're good at and offensively what we want to try to do. We're in a good spot there, and just the rapport with the guys offensively. Whether it's receivers, tight ends, O-line, running backs, all those guys.”

“We're just a close group and I think with that, that gives everybody confidence. You can count on the guy next to you and the guys have played well, performed really well. Even our depth throughout the preseason has looked great. It's just encouraging for everybody, everybody feels like they can go play free. I like where we're at right now.”

Jaguars fans will love to hear this from Trevor Lawrence, as he is truly the face of the franchise and his world will be gospel in Jacksonville for years to come. Stay tuned into the rest of the Jaguars preseason for any more takes from their franchise QB, and prepare for an exciting year to come in Jacksonville.