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Yes, Tim Tebow Jaguars prop bets are real and yes, you can bet on them

Jaguars, Tim Tebow

Good news for those that can’t stand the hype and the circus show surrounding Tim Tebow and his signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars. For those already fed up with all the attention the story is getting for a guy who might not even make the team, you can now bet against him.

Via PointsBet, a couple of prop bets are now available for the Jaguars tight end hopeful.

That’s right, take your anger out with these bets.

Currently, Tebow’s over / under for receiving yards for the entire season is set at 12.5 yards. The under is the favorite with a value of -180 while the over rests at +135.

Tebow’s receiving touchdown mark is set at an over / under of 0.5. The over is +350, the under is -500.

If this signals anything, it’s that the books believe Tebow will have a real difficult time even making the Jaguars roster, yet alone seeing playing time.

Tebow officially inked his contract with the Jaguars on Thursday, after reports had surfaced weeks prior. And now, Tebow is (somewhat) back in the NFL.

The move by Urban Meyer and Jacksonville has brought with it mixed reactions. Some couldn’t care less and don’t expect Tebow to make an impact either way. Others are annoyed with how much attention Tebow brings with him anywhere he goes for someone who has sputtered out in the NFL before and in minor league baseball.

It’s yet to be seen if this is all some big show for Meyer in his first year in charge of the Jaguars. While it’s hard to imagine he’d be doing it for that purpose, the theory has been tossed around.

For those agitated by the constant attention, you can now place your bets against Tebow.