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Jamal Crawford discovers hidden gem Kobe Bryant play from nearly 2 decades ago

Jamal Crawford, Kobe Bryant

Former NBA veteran Jamal Crawford still has fond memories of late Los Angeles Lakers icon Kobe Bryant several years after they last played together on the floor. Crawford wrote about Kobe in an article for The Players’ Tribune back in 2016, and he referenced a specific play from a game nearly two decades ago.

Crawford hadn’t seen the clip since 2003, but it was just unearthed on Twitter much to his delight:

Amid a tight game, Bryant unleashed a spin move deep from his bag as he tried to shake off his defender in Eddie Robinson. He managed to evade the defense shadowing him as he launched a mid-range jumper to further stretch the Lakers’ lead with five minutes left in the fourth quarter.

According to Crawford, Bryant practiced a shot like this for over an hour in just one workout session. Apparently, he did that for every move that he had in his arsenal, which is the reason why he could make it look so easy. Not to mention that Bryant’s Hakeem Olajuwon-esque footwork also helped him elude defenders as he set up for his favorite fadeaway shot.

Crawford definitely saw more of Bryant’s moves as the two shared the court in a span of 16 seasons ever since the former came to the league back in the year 2000. Certainly so, Bryant’s craftiness and showmanship were also huge reasons why he was endeared by many all throughout his 20-year career in the league.

With Kobe Bryant now departed, former players like Jamal Crawford can only revisit their fond memories through vintage films and look back to reminisce the time they once shared with a legendary icon moving forward.