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Jay-Z looking to buy the Washington Football Team?

Jay-Z, Washington Football Team

Did you have Jay-Z wanting ownership of the Washington Football Team happening in your 2021 bingo card of hope, dreams, but also despair? Well, you’re a liar if you claimed yes.

According to an incredibly complex report from various outlets, but later confirmed by a more reliable NBC Sports, it is being alleged that Jay-Z is dumping some assets in order to purchase himself a stake in the Washington Football Team.

Calm down, Dan Snyder haters. This is reportedly not for full ownership. Just a smaller stake in the team that would keep Mr. Snyder in power forever — or however long it feels like it’s been so far.

Here is the deal, though. While a minority owner of any pro sports franchise usually wields no real power, it’s a decent gateway to becoming a full owner down the line.

Theory basically goes like this: Jay-Z buys partial ownership of the Washington Football Team, he continues to build equity within the franchise and outside of it, and when the time is right he strikes Snyder over the head with a candlestick in the bathroom like Mr. Green is watching.

Something like that. Anyway, we all know how well the Brooklyn Nets “being owned” by Jay-Z was so no hurry by anyone involved here.