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Donovan Mitchell praised for his work ethic and ‘selflessness’ by team in extension announcement

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The Utah Jazz sent out an appreciative tweet to Donovan Mitchell on Friday afternoon, thanking the former Louisville standout for his work ethic and selfless style of play.

“We are thrilled to be able to ensure that a person and a player like Donovan Mitchell will be with the Jazz organization for the long term,” said Jazz Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Dennis Lindsey, via NBA.com. “His work ethic, passion and commitment to winning are all qualities that encapsulate Jazz basketball and ever since he arrived in Utah, Donovan has deepened those values for our team. We look forward to helping him continue to grow and continue to make a positive impact in our community.”

“Donovan has a genuine selflessness that helps define our goals as a team, he is also as competitive of a player that I’ve had the pleasure of coaching,“ said Head Coach Quin Snyder. “On a personal level he has the unique ability to positively impact all of the people he touches, not just in Utah, but in all of his communities. I couldn’t be more excited to take the next steps with Donovan as we continue to strive to achieve our goals.”

Mitchell has become an increasingly important member of Utah’s roster, which is likely why the team had no issues with signing him to a five-year deal that is believed to be worth up to $195 million. The 24-year-old made 69 appearances during the 2019-20 regular season, racking up averages of 24.0 points on 44.9 percent shooting from the field (36.6 percent from beyond the arc), 4.4 rebounds and 4.3 assists.

After agreeing to the terms of this deal, Mitchell took a celebratory jump into a pool.

“Honestly, too many things to even put into a sentence,” Mitchell said of his emotions in an interview with SI. “I think for me just overall joy and excitement, years and years of hard work and dedication finally paying off. For that moment right there to be with my family was truly special, and the only thing I could really think of was to jump into the pool.”

Though he got the big bag, Mitchell says he’ll be looking for ways to continue improving his game:

“I gotta continue to keep moving forward and keep working,” Mitchell said, via SI.com. “The grind doesn’t stop now that I’ve gotten this new deal. Nothing has changed. It’s the same mindset. I haven’t done anything yet on the floor as far as winning a ring and that’s the ultimate goal.”

Mitchell’s statistical figures have improved with each passing campaign. Let’s see if that trend continues in the coming season.