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Jazz star Donovan Mitchell praises support of teammates for allowing him to navigate mistakes

Donovan Mitchell, Jazz

Donovan Mitchell starred in a 107-91 Game 4 win over the Houston Rockets to stave off elimination, and while he was the highlight point of Monday’s victory, the Utah Jazz second-year star praised his teammates for their support:

“I play with a lot of close friends, and the support I’ve gotten since I arrived, not just the community, but from my teammates, has been huge,” said Mitchell, who put up 31 points in the win. “Me being able to do what I do on a daily basis is not the norm. In this league, a second-year guy, even a first-year guy last year, and my teammates have had my back with every mistake and everything I’ve done well.

“When you have that support system in your locker room every day, it makes it easier when you start out the game with two straight turnovers.”

Mitchell has had his ups and down in his second season as the team’s top scorer, but he has been able to kick it right back up into gear and make the playoffs for a second straight year.

Most recently, teammate Kyle Korver showed his support for Mitchell for taking ownership of the team after taking and missing a crucial shot in Game 3 that could have rewritten the script, instead taking a 104-101 home loss.

Yet the Jazz are still alive and will live to fight another day, with Game 5 on the horizon Wednesday, once again forcing this team to play on the brink of elimination.