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Donovan Mitchell responds to Colin Cowherd saying he’ll be a bad jump-shooter

Donovan Mitchell, Colin Cowherd

Basketball analyst Colin Cowherd compared Donovan Mitchell to a bunch of players, concluding that the Utah Jazz wunderkind will end up having a bad jumpshot. Mitchell responded.

Talking on his show, Cowherd compared Mitchell to Russell Westbrook, John Wall, and Derrick Rose. He said that all of them start off as athletic freaks who subsequently attract media frenzy because of their exciting playstyle.

After a time, the media will realize that they are underachievers. They can’t shoot from outside and as a result, will opt to force their way to the rim. Cowherd believes that such a playstyle is not good for the long term. Coaches will notice that they are a liability to the team.

Cowherd said:

“I think we have the next Westbrook… I like the kid but Donovan Mitchell of Utah. The media’s all laddered up, loves him, dunk contest. I watched him play a lot last year.

He can’t shoot.

Below is a full clip of Cowherd breaking down Mitchell’s play style:

And a quick scroll down through the replies reveals that Mitchell replied to the video:

There is some truth to Cowherd’s claims. Mitchell shot just 34 percent from downtown last season. But he did shoot at 43.7 percent from the field, which is a pretty decent clip for a combo guard like him.

While Mitchell’s reply doesn’t say much as to what he is feeling, given his competitive spirit, he’ll definitely turn Cowherd’s words into motivation. Besides, what’s wrong with being compared to Rose and Westbrook? Weren’t they former MVPs of the league?