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Jazz star Donovan Mitchell sounds off on Game 5 choke vs. Clippers

Donovan Mitchell Jazz Paul George Clippers

The Utah Jazz looked like they were in firm control of the series after going up 2-0 against the Los Angeles Clippers. But the tables were quickly turned on Donovan Mitchell’s Jazz as they now find themselves staring at a 2-3 hole.

The Jazz star voiced out his frustrations on the contest, which they led for most of the first half until second half flurry from the LA-based side.

Via Salt Lake Tribune’s Eric Walden:

“Disappointing. Understanding this was a winnable game for us,” said the Jazz star. “But it’s not over. Got a lot of life left to give. Gotta play with a level of desperation we’ve never played before.”

Utah’s best scorer was held to a relatively tame 21 points on 6-for-19 shooting. Mitchell failed to connect on ten three-pointers, going 4-for-14 from downtown. Although the Jazz got a huge night from Bojan Bogdanovic, who tallied 32 points on 50% himself, they were unable to overcome a monster night from Paul George.

The Clippers forward took the mantle of 1a and 1b without Kawhi Leonard out with injury, finishing with a record-setting 37 points, 16 rebounds, and five assists.

Mitchell candidly spoke out about feeling limited because of his ankle injury, which has hampered him from being his best self in the series.

“That’s what I’m learning right now. For most of my life, I’ve been able to push by, jump by, explode and go over people. And now I’m learning to play on the floor. … The timing sucks but it is what it is.”

These playoffs have slowly been defined by a slew of injuries to marquee stars. The Jazz need theirs to stay healthy, or at least play through the pain for them to get to the next round.