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Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell speaks out on his self-quarantine setup after testing positive for coronavirus

Jazz-Donovan Mitchell

Utah Jazz star guard Donovan Mitchell was one of the first two NBA players who tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Though Mitchell himself didn’t show any symptoms during the long quarantine period, he remained in isolation to prevent the virus’ spread. Now that he’s cleared, Mitchell shared his experience.

According to Mitchell, he hung out in his basement playing video games. He also worked out from time to time. What made it tougher was that he could only see his family for a few moments each day.

“I’ve literally been down here in my basement playing Xbox, ps4 for hours upon hours of the day if I’m not working out,” Mitchell said, per Ben Anderson of KSL SPORTS. “The first week was tough, I could be around my family but only for a short period of time because I was in isolation. Now we’re able to rewatch movies, last night I was cooking, I was on Instagram live cooking I learned how to make duck for the first time in my life.”

Both Mitchell and Gobert were cleared by the Utah Department of Health last Friday. Now back at home, Mitchell is trying to get back to his daily regimen. It’s not the usual set up as he’s still confined at home. But Mitchell noted that their trainers have been guiding them in this new endeavor.

“Thankfully I am back home so I have my stuff downstairs,” the Jazz guard said, “I have weights, I have a bike, I have a treadmill, I have a hoop outside, I am able to go for a little bit of a jog.”

“It’s been tough,” Mitchell said, “But the NBA, and teams, and the NBAPA, and trainers have done a great job about sending us schedules and sending us things that we can do and tailoring it for the individual.”

As of this writing, the NBA has yet to announce a timeline of the season’s resumption — if there is any. The priority is the health and well-being of the entire planet.