Jazz news: Donovan Mitchell's cryptic tweet about Adidas
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Donovan Mitchell’s cryptic tweet about Adidas

Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell is one of the NBA’s rising stars and also one of Adidas’ most influential young athletes. Mitchell, 21, tweeted out a cryptic message at Adidas Hoops with a smirking emoji. It’s unclear what this mysterious tweet means, but it has fans buzzing nonetheless.

Perhaps Mitchell will be getting his own signature shoe on the Adidas line. It would only make sense after Mitchell’s breakout rookie season. The 13th pick in the 2017 draft was an unexpected star last season and would have been the undisputed Rookie of the Year if not for Ben Simmons’ redshirt rookie season.

This isn’t the first time a tweet from Spida Mitchell has fueled speculation about a possible signature shoe. In July, Mitchell tweeted out another mysterious message involving Adidas — although this one included more than a single emoji.

It was later confirmed by Eric Woodyard of Deseret News that Mitchell was not getting a signature shoe, but that “good things are happening.”

Perhaps Mitchell’s latest tweet is an indication that “good things” have eventually led the young star towards bigger and better things with Adidas. Whether or not this is a signature shoe is still uncertain, but it’s hard to imagine anything else causing this tweet.

Mitchell is on the cusp of becoming a superstar, and Adidas may have struck gold when they inked him to an endorsement deal. The Jazz guard is one of the most likable players in the game, with limitless potential on and off the court.