Utah Jazz center Hassan Whiteside has opened up about his relationship with Dwyane Wade and his former Miami Heat teammates.

More than two years since parting ways with the Miami Heat, Hassan Whiteside, who signed a one year veteran deal with the Jazz this past offseason, faced his former team Sunday at the FTX Arena.

Sharing his thoughts on his first encounter with the Heat this season, Whiteside admitted that it was “like a weird feeling” being on the opposing team this time, having played for Miami for the most part of his career. Nevertheless, the 32-year-old revealed that he is still in constant communication with his former teammates.

“It’s like a weird feeling. I was on the other side for so long. So it’s always a different feeling,” Whiteside said of taking on his former team via Miami Herald.

“UD, Bam, I still talk to them guys,” he divulged. “I even talk to [Erik Spoelstra] Spo. I told him, ‘Happy Father’s Day.’ I still talk to them guys. There are no hard feelings. We broke up. We were in a relationship and we broke up. I don’t hate nobody.”

Whiteside is now reunited with Heat legend Dwyane Wade, who bought ownership stake in the Jazz in April. Though Wade is no longer playing, Whiteside is grateful for having “a familiar face” in D-Wade as he embarks on a new journey in Utah.

“It’s a special feeling. Having D-Wade, seeing a familiar face like that,” he confessed. “He was a part of me even wanting to come to the Jazz. I don’t know what I would have been without D-Wade. D-Wade, I don’t think he knows how much he means to me.”