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‘I thought it was fake’: Ravens’ Lamar Jackson’s mind-blown reaction to Jazz star Donovan Mitchell’s dunk party in Miami

Lamar Jackson, Donovan Mitchell

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell put on a show on Friday as he made an appearance in the Miami Pro League alongside Miami Heat big man Bam Adebayo. So much so, that even Baltimore Ravens superstar quarterback Lamar Jackson had to take notice.

After seeing Mitchell throw down an epic dunk during warm-ups, Jackson could not help but reminisce about a similar incident during his younger years (h/t Bleacher Report on Twitter):

“I remember he Did this our freshman year in college I still thought it was fake  🤣🤣” Jackson wrote in his tweet.

For context, Jackson and Mitchell both attended Louisville in college. They were in school at the same time, and apparently, Donovan Mitchell was already up to his mind-blowing ways even as a freshman.

Mitchell literally threw an alley-oop pass off the wall and finished it off with a one-handed windmill dunk. The degree of difficulty on this flush is insane, and it would have probably gotten a 50 in a Dunk Contest. Except of course that there would be no wall to bounce the ball off in an NBA arena, but you get the point.

His eye-popping moves weren’t the only thing that led to Mitchell making headlines, though. The fact that he was in Miami and teaming up with Heat star Bam Adebayo only further fueled the trade rumors linking him to a trade move to South Beach. The Heat are reportedly still trying to pry the All-Star shooting guard away from the Jazz, and they may have gotten a bit of an assist from Donovan here.